Why Do Some Gate Openers Cost More Than Others?

If you are currently searching for an automatic gate opener, otherwise known as a remote gate opener, you may discover an interesting fact about pricing. You'll notice that some gate openers are very similar, but the pricing isn't the same. This is due to the quality of construction, electronics, and reliability.

What is the difference between automatic gate openers?

Automatic gate openers are appropriate for many applications. This ranges from ranch gates, residential use to commercial applications. As the name implies, automatic gate openers open and shut to allow traffic or visitors to your property. There are a variety of options that changes the cost of your gate opener.

Your gate openers pricing can change based on solar power, number of cycles and the control board supplied. If you are buying a new gate operator, you need one that is reliable. Look at the number of cycles it can perform. Additionally, you should consider the control board. You want one that is easy to program and manage. Another consideration is the quality of construction. Gate Openers Direct is proud to offer Made In America gate openers.  These gate openers are solidly built and made to last.

Gate Openers Direct is proud to offer top-of-the-line equipment. We refuse to sell electric gate openers that do not perform. If you want a reliable gate opener to check out our Nice/ApolloHySecurityDoorKingFAAC or Viking openers.

The three most standard types of electric gate openers are swing arm gates, sliding gates and barrier gates. There are also overhead gates and lift gates. Determining which one is best for your property requires an understanding of how you need the gate to move. The first consideration is always space for the gate to move. You need the gate to be able to safely and fully open and close. Additionally, you need to consider the angle of the driveway and the number of cars that will pass through daily.

Remote gate openers make entering and exiting your property easy. All it takes is a command from a remote control, keypad, or sensor to activate the gate. Once opened, the entrance gate remains open for a set time and closes behind itself for better security.

You can find a comprehensive selection of gate operators across these broad categories of gate openers. Whether you need an opener for commercial or residential use, Gate Openers Direct has one that can fit your requirements.

Sometimes, out-of-the-box access control solutions don't fit the needs of everyone. Customized gate access and traffic control procedures help to ensure a higher standard of safety and security on your grounds.

Depending on which type of gate system you're considering, additional options could be available to optimize functionality.

· Telephone Entry Systems

· Keypad Gate Controls

· Cellular based Controls

These features add to the ease of use of the gate opener. Generally, the more you customize and add features, the higher the price tag will become.

Fortunately, it's easy to get the specific functionality you need. Rather you want to control access to your private home, a gated community or a commercial parking lot Gate Openers Direct is your solution. Having gate automation in place helps curb the need for physical gate attendants to open and shut your gates for visitors and guests.

Gate Openers Direct should be your first stop when you're in the market to upgrade your entranceways. If you have any questions, call us today at 713-330-3333. Our experts can help you determine a gate opener that will be perfect for your application. Visit Gate Openers Direct to find out about all the products, equipment, and services we offer. Remember at Gate Openers Direct we offer gate openers at wholesale pricing.