AAS American Access Systems Security Brands Advantage DKE 26-500 Keypad

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AAS Advantage DKE 26-500 Keypad

The AAS Advantage DKE 26-500 is a standalone 500 code economy keypad. If you're looking for a keypad that is easy to program and easy to use, look no further. Crafted exclusively from stainless and power-coated steel, this unit is built to last. This keypad has all the features you want and then some but still comes in at a price that will fit most budgets. Quick, simple, and familiar, the basic programming steps on the keypad are identical to those on all AAS keypads.


Product Info
Features 500 Code Memory
4 Digit Codes
Controls up to 2 gates/doors
Personal Master Code
Latch/Hold-Open Code
Adjustable Relay Output Time
Event Input
Audible-Tone Feedback
Non-Volatile Memory (saved even on power failure)
Lighted Keypad
Lockable Faceplate
2 Year Parts Warranty
Made in USA
Specifications Input Voltage:
12-24 VAC/DC

Current Draw (standby with keypad lit):
17mA @ 12VDC
10mA @ 24VDC

Current Draw (with relay latched)
41mA @ 12VDC
22mA @ 24VDC

Contact Rating = 1A @ 24V / .5A @ 120V
Max Switch Voltage = 150V/220V
Max Carrying Current = 2A @ 150V / 2A @ 220V
Max Switching Power = 28W / 60VA
Adjustable Relay Time = 1-999 Seconds

Operating Temperature:
-15 to 175 Degrees Fahrenheit

5.41"(H) x 4.07"(W) x 3.38"(D)

Shipping Weight:


AAS 26-500 Quick Start Guide 289.63KB
AAS 26-500 Brochure 349.41KB

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