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EMX LRS - Single SawCut Loop Replacement System

EMX LRS - Single SawCut Loop Replacement System
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EMX LRS - Single SawCut Loop Replacement System
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It is no longer necessary to make 9 cuts to monitor vehicle presence…

The Loop Replacement System (LRS) features advanced 3-axis, magnetoresistive sensing technology that responds to changes in the Earth’s magnetic field caused by ferrous objects. Three sensing elements provide measurements in the X, Y and Z axes to improve detection sensitivity when used in either above or below ground installations.

The LRS is equipped with our new DETECT-ON-STOP™ or (DOS®) feature, which allows detection only when a vehicle has come to a complete stop. This EMX exclusive feature is a major advantage if you want to ignore cross traffic in tight spaces.

The detector’s compact, loop-less design reduces installation costs when compared to traditional inductive loop technology.

- Easy installation above or below ground
- Ignores cross traffic in tight spaces with DETECT-ON-STOP™ feature
- Quick setup with the ULTRAMETER™ sensitivity display
- Logic Interface available for extended detection range

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