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HySecurity Bollards M50

HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M50
HySecurity Bollards M30/M50 Spec Sheet
HySecurity Bollards M30/M50 Brochure
HySecurity Bollards M50
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HySecurity Legacy and History

Gate Openers Direct is proud to sell and partner with HySecurity products. Back when real quality was not an upgrade HySecurity built openers and access controls from aircraft grade components to last a lifetime. Since 1968 they have been producing the most widely recognized highest quality controls not just in the USA, but the entire world. If you travel, you will see HySecurity products on international airports, industrial applications, commercial buildings and high end residential applications all over the world. While they still make some of the heaviest duty asset protection devices, they have expanded into lighter application products and brought their same devotion to quality they have always been known for.  

Asset Protection

Today, it is important to protect people and property from unwanted vehicle contact. Defense is a serious matter and the M30 can make all the difference when it comes to safeguarding against intrusion.

When and Where HySecurity Bollards Are Demanded

We offer HySecurity bollards. They are functional, attractive, and ready to integrate with your current security system. Security bollards can provide protection for structures and pedestrian areas by providing an inhabitant barrier against vehicles. In order to mitigate the risk of accidents at intersections, our M30 model is capable of preventing a 15,000 lb vehicle from moving at 50 mph. A far better defense than most people realize. You’ll be able to enjoy increased safety. Additionally, it will not impact your day-to-day movements or aesthetic desire for visual harmony in your community. Also check out our other HySecurity Barrier Gates.

Product Info
FeaturesChoice: Architects and designers have options including a variety of finishes, lighting designs, and foundations Clearance: Shallow mount bollards when working around buried utilities, deep mount bollards for the smallest footprint Freedom: Removable bollards allow occasional vehicle traffic without sacrificing security. Security: Fixed bollards protect buildings and equipment while adding to the overall aesthetic of the facility. Made in USA: Designed for frictionless operation and easy service access

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