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HySecurity StrongSlide M30

HySecurity StrongSlide M30
HySecurity StrongSlide M30
HySecurity StrongSlide M30
HySecurity StrongSlide M30
HySecurity StrongSlide M30
HySecurity StrongSlide M30
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The HySecurity StrongSlide M30 is a premium slide gate operator and the first crash-rated slide gate operator in the HySecurity family. 

StrongSlide is operated exclusively by SlideDriver to provide reliability commensurate with the needs of an HVM slide gate.

Bottom track cantilever gate

Superior gate mechanics, easier to install, and designed for a service life of 500,000 cycles.

StrongArm vehicle arrestor technology

Light weight arrestor keeps the overall weight of the gate down, reducing wear and improving reliability and service life.

Pre-aligned installation template

Error-proofs and simplifies installation for lower overall cost.

Side-mounted top track

Vertical stabilizer system uses roller element guides in side-mounted track to provide safety, improve performance in windy conditions, and assures alignment at the close limit.

Bolt down design

All attachment points are cast in concrete, and both the gate and arrestor structures are bolted down. This simplifies the installation and assures proper alignment.

Concrete-filled catch bollards

These posts capture the arrestor beams during an impact and double as bollards to protect the gate, operator, and fence.

Versatile infill options

A wide array of infill options for any architectural or design need. Constructed from powder-coated steel for years of carefree service.

Designed with SlideDriver in mind

Industry leading SlideDriver gate operator bolts down to an elevated custom-built platform, making it perfectly positioned to power the gate. SlideDriver 50VF2/3 will close the gate in only about 8 seconds in emergencies.

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