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Linear RE-1SS (Stainless Steel) Residential Telephone Entry System

Linear RE-1SS (Stainless Steel) Residential Telephone Entry System
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Linear RE-1SS (Stainless Steel) Residential Telephone Entry System
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This product has been discontinued from the manufacturer.  Contact Gate Openers Direct for other alternatives.

Linear RE-1 Residential Telephone Entry System is designed for residential or light commercial access control applications. The speakerphone, keypad, radio receiver, and optional video camera are housed in a rugged enclosure that can be mounted to a pedestal or bolted directly to a wall. The diecast keypad keys have bright, easy-to-read graphics and are lit with an overhead light. The two operation buttons; CALL and HELP, are machined for heavy-duty reliability.

Arriving visitors will approach the unit and place a call to the residence by pressing the CALL button. The RE-1 will acquire the residence’s local telephone line and generate distinctive rings to the house telephones. The resident, knowing that the distinctive ring is originating from the access area, can answer any house telephone and converse with the visitor. If the resident decides to grant access to the visitor, they can activate either output relay in the RE-1 by pressing a key on the telephone’s keypad. If the resident decides not to grant access, hanging up or pressing a key will disconnect the visitor’s call.

If the resident is using the telephone at the time a visitor calls, the RE-1 will sound beeps on the telephone line to announce that a visitor is calling. The resident can press a key on the telephone to place the outside caller on hold and communicate with the visitor. After granting or denying access to the visitor, the outside caller will be re-connected to the resident.

Product Info
Features Features Dramatic Contemporary Styling Cast Housing; stainless steel finish Downlighting Voice Prompts, User Friendly, Owner Friendly Two Programmable Outputs Control Two Openings Obstacle Reverse, Alarm Shunt Optional Low Light CCTV Camera Kit (Model RE-BWC) Provisions for Knox Box Simple to Program and Maintain through On Board Keypad, Touchtone Telephone, or Computer with Modem 500 Event Memory Log Supports 100 Entry Codes Supports 100 Block-Coded Transmitters Applications Include Single Residence, commercial Sites, Employee Parking Built-in superheterodyne radio receiver MegaCode format Operating Frequency: 318 MHz Backup battery ready 6.45" W x 10.81" H x 3.74" D OUTPUTS: Relay: Two form “C “ relays rated at 3A @ 30 Vac or Vdc. Each programmable for control, obstacle, alarm or shunt. Sounder: Programmable for key presses and relay activation. Voice: Synthesized human voice prompts for visitor and programming assistance. Voice is heard through speaker and remote telephones. RF: integral 318 MHz super heterodyne receiver @ -100dBm sensitivity (typical); receives Linear block coded transmitters and MGT supervised reversing edge transmitters Open Request: terminal input for each relay; when activated, will trigger the assigned relay for the programmed relay on time Door Sense/Inhibit: terminal input for each relay monitors status of a protected entry point or can be programmed to restrict access to the assigned relay Keypad: 12 digit telephone style keypad for accepting entry codes and for local programming Power: 16 Vac (transformer included); input for externally charged 12 to 24 Vdc battery backup Current Draw (dialing out to one phone): 16 Vac: 270 mA standby, 440 mA operating, 12 Vdc: 250 mA standby, 500 mA operating, 24 Vdc 150 mA standby, 300 mA operating, 16 Vac: 270 mA standby, 440 mA operating, 12 Vdc: 250 mA standby, 500 mA operating, 24 Vdc 150 mA standby, 300 mA operating Operating Temperature: -22°F to 149°F (-30°C to 65°C) PROGRAMMING: Programming: Locally via keypad; remotely via touchtone telephone phone or computer with modem running a web browser. NO SOFTWARE REQUIRED Memory: All data memory is stored in non volatile EEPROM with data retention in excess of 10 years Clock/Calendar: 24/7 clock/calendar with battery backup used for time zones; relay hold open times; date/time stamp for event log entries; downlight on/off times Connections: All power, telephone, relay and control connections to the unit are with plug on screw terminal blocks; RJ-45 and BNC connections for optional RE-BWC camera kit

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