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OSCO BGUD Barrier Gate Operator w/Battery Backup

OSCO BGUD  Barrier Gate Operator w/Battery Backup
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OSCO BGUD Barrier Gate Operator w/Battery Backup
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OSCO Models BGU and BGU-D (BGU with BATTERY BACKUP) barrier gates can be used for parking applications and revenue control.
Through switch selections, the barrier gate operator is universal and suitable for all installation and operational functions. Switch selection allows for full flexibility for how and when the arm comes down in traffic control situations.
The added advantage to the DC operator is the automatic-open feature upon power loss. When the gate operator senses AC power is no longer present, the arm will cycle open, remaining open until AC power is restored (fail safe) OR continues normal operation while monitoring the battery level. Once the batteries are low, the unit will cycle open until AC power is restored or the batteries receive a full charge (fail secure).

Product Info
FeaturesMaster/Slave - simple three-wire connection Dual batteries charged by 115 VAC or optional solar panels Charging circuit monitors and maintains battery levels, monitors AC availability, automatically switches to batteries when AC is removed, and automatically resumes AC operation Solid state circuit board, 24 VDC Inherent current sensing system 15 LEDs for easy setup and troubleshooting Built-in maximum run timer and auto close timer Master/Slave - simple three-wire connection Operator is pre-wired to accept contact and non-contact detection devices such as reverse edges and/or photo electric eyes. 24 VDC permanent magnet motor 115 VAC supply converted to 24 VDC for motor and controls Power on/off switch Three-button control station included Accessory connections are 24 VDC Easily adjustable cam-operated limit switches Full system capable for access controls and reversing devices Control circuit options in absence of AC power: Option 1: Fail safe (opens the gate and shuts down until AC power is restored) Option 2: Fail secure (continues to cycle gate in normal operation until batteries run down and then cycles open. Resumes cycling when existing batteries are charged or when fresh batteries are installed) Also available in WHITE powdercoat finish- YELLOW powdercoat is default!
SpecificationsQuick Specs1/2 HP Max Gate Length (ft) 10/12/24 Max Gate Weight (lbs) 50 seconds to open 2.8

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