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SecuraKey ET8-SR-X-D-W Card Reader

SecuraKey ET8-SR-X-D-W Card Reader
SecuraKey E*Tag® Installation Instruction - ET8-SR-X-D
SecuraKey ET8-SR-X Data Sheet
SecuraKey ET8-SR-X-D-W Card Reader
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Single-door Controller, RS485, e*Tag® Contactless Technology, switchplate, Decorator (indoor), white

The e*Tag® Smart Readers are available in either mullion mount (ET8-SR-X-M) or switchplate (ET8-SR-X-D) form factors. The e*Tag® Smart Reader adds Contactless Smart Card capability to the SK-NET™ System using the NOVA.16 Controller. e*Tag® Smart Readers work with Secura Key e*Tag® encoded 13.56 MHz contactless smart cards and key tags, encoded in 26 or 32-bit formats. e*Tag® cards use enhanced DES encryption, which makes them virtually impossible to counterfeit.

e*Tag® credentials have memory ranging from 2K to 10K bits, and they meet the ISO 15693 international standard. The ET8-SR reader connects to the NOVA.16 Controller via the RS-485 peripheral bus, which supports up to 16 readers. The ET8-SR obtains data communications and 12VDC power from the NOVA.16, but it has all the inputs and outputs required to monitor and control a door or gate.

The reader sends card data and input status changes to the Controller, and receives access granted, access denied, and output control commands from the Controller. All door connections (Strike/Latch, REX, Door Monitor, aux inputs and outputs) are made locally at the Smart Reader. Cable “Home Runs” from the door location back to the NOVA.16 Controller are not required.

Product Info
Features• Reads Secura Key e*Tag® Contactless Smart Cards • Mullion housing allows indoor/outdoor door frame Mounting • Switchplate housing allows indoor J-box Mounting • Four Inputs to Monitor Contact Closures • Two open collector outputs to control external devices • Solid State Relay to control door strike or other devices • LED (Red/Green) and buzzer • Connect up to 16 units to

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