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HySecurity StrongArm 14F

HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
HySecurity StrongArm Hydraulic Cut Sheet
HySecurity StrongArm Industrial Manual
HySecurity StrongArm 14F
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Made In America

HySecurity Legacy and History

Gate Openers Direct is proud to sell and partner with HySecurity products. Back when real quality was not an upgrade HySecurity built openers and access controls from aircraft grade components to last a lifetime. Since 1968 they have been producing the most widely recognized highest quality controls not just in the USA, but the entire world. If you travel, you will see HySecurity products on international airports, industrial applications, commercial buildings and high end residential applications all over the world. While they still make some of the heaviest duty asset protection devices, they have expanded into lighter application products and brought their same devotion to quality they have always been known for.  

Asset Protection

Today, it is important to protect people and property from unwanted vehicle contact. HySecurity Barrier Gate Openers are perfect for stopping unwanted traffic in areas designated for specific use such as parking lots, freight docs, gated communities and many more applications. 

When and Where HySecurity Barrier Gate Openers Are Demanded

Gate Openers Direct offers HySecurity Barrier Gate openers. They are functional, attractive, and ready to integrate with your current security systems. StrongArm Park DC Barrier Gate Openers can provide protection for structures and pedestrian areas by providing an effective barrier against unwanted vehicle traffic.   You’ll be able to enjoy increased safety. 

Strong Arm 14F Specifics

Made In AmericaHySecurity StrongArm 14F opens up to 14 ft arms, to a full 90°, in 2 seconds and rest in open or closed position. Side mount or center yoke, aluminum, fiberglass or wood arm options. Few moving parts, all enclosed in secure, strong uni-body 10 gauge welded and zinc plated steel chassis. Powder coat safety yellow for high visibility and an enduring, attractive finish. Keyed T-lock option protects all electrical controls and parts from vandalism. Options include flashing light kit and lighted arm with HyProtect bracket for StrongArm 14F.

Easily configure barrier arm operation to specific site requirements with unique and unequalled Smart Touch Controller. PC interface provided for easy configuration and quick troubleshooting using Smart Touch Analyze and Retrieve Tool (S.T.A.R.T.). Upload latest software, troubleshoot system and save operator configurations. Programmable dual gate or sequenced gate integration. Three configurable user relays plus optional Hy8Relay™ - an extended relay module providing eight additional programmable relay outputs.

Monitor gate system and accessory status, system operational malfunctions, maintenance alerts, or gate breach alarms. Communicate security or operational events to security command and control or service technician in real time via Ethernet/fiber using optional web based HyNet™ Gateway. Target specific security and operational alerts to specific recipients. View or download 16,000 plus events (logged in non-volatile memory) from a remote location or on-site for precise and quick system troubleshooting. Operate and configure gate remotely.

Note: Barrier arm and arm mounting bracket prices are not included in StrongArm base prices. See “StrongArm Options” for arm configurations and arm assembly prices. Wood arms up to 14 ft (4.3 m) maximum. HySecurity offers an optional AC Power Supply w/HyInverter AC™ which provides UPS battery backup for 208/230VAC, single-phase AC gate operators.

Product Info
FeaturesFast open and close time - 2 seconds to open; 3 seconds to closeIndustrial - Arm options: Side or center mount. Aluminum, fiberglass or wood up to 14 ft (4.3 m)Secure uni-body welded chassis - Constructed with rigid 10 gauge sheet metal and protected with ultra durable polyester powder coat over zinc plating for an enduring attractive finish. T-Lock on cover for added security.Reliable hydraulics - Heavy duty, secure chassis with extremely reliable hydraulics. Contains only one gallon of high performance environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid.Dual gates - Seamless synchronization with all HySecurity operators for dual gate, sally port or sequenced gate applications.Commercial - Open speed is 2 to 8 seconds depending on arm length.
SpecificationsDuty Cycle 2,000 cycles/dayOpen/Close Time 2 seconds to open; 3 seconds to closeArm Length Max Up to 14 ft (4.3 m)Arm Design Side or center yoke mount. Aluminum, fiberglass or wood up to 14 ft (4.3 m)Horsepower 3/4 hpDrive HydraulicUninterruptible Power Supply Optional 230V AC Power Supply w/HyInverter AC™ provides up to 300 cycles after an AC power loss.*1 Phase Power 115/208/230V 60Hz; 110/220 50Hz*3 Phase Power 208/230/460V or 575V* 60Hz; 220/380V 50Hz*Temperature Rating -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C) No heater necessaryCommunication RS-232, RS-485; Ethernet/fiber using optional HyNet™ Gateway accessoryUser Controls Smart Touch Controller with 70+ configurable settings. Smart Touch keypad and 32 character, OLED display or a PC using S.T.A.R.T. software.Relays Three configurable user relays: one 30VDC, 3A solid state and two 250VAC, 10A electromechanical; Optional Hy8Relay™ for 8 additional relay outputsETL Listed (UL325) Usage Class I, II, III, IVEnclosure n/aFinish Zinc plated with yellow powder coatingWarranty 5 year

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