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Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator

Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
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Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
Viking R-6 2nd Gen Manual
Viking R-6 2nd Gen Brochure
Viking R-6 Manual 1st Gen (Discontinued)
Viking Smart Position System
Viking R-6NX Swing Gate Operator
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  • Model: R-6NX
  • Weight: 200.00lb
  • Dimensions: 20.50in x 16.50in x 21.00in
  • SKU: VIK-R6

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Made In America

OUR FAVORITE HD RESIDENTIAL SWING GATE OPENER - Full featured! Made in USA. If you have room for it, this is a great economical PREMIUM GRADE OPENER!!

The new and improved Viking R-6 Swing Gate Operator possesses a V-flex control board with built-in on-board diagnostics. This gate opener can handle gate capacities up to 600 lbs. and 14 ft long. This swing gate operator is ideal for residential usage. The new chassis design provides easy viewing of the controls.

Viking Access R-6 Swing Gate Operator is equipped with a built-in heater and an on-board temperature management system. This makes it an excellent choice for heavy ornamental gates. This new swing gate operator leaves all old machines in the past. No more belts, chains, relays or extra heavy mechanisms. The Viking R-6 Swing Gate motor swings out the gate, regardless of the size, to a complete 90-degree arc in minimal time, quietly and dependably.

Some of the best features of this operator include: fail-safe clutch mechanism, excellent direct-drive gear head motor, accessible limit switch arrangement, clam shell cover design, 120/220 VAC single phase power source and built-in three push button station.


  • Wireless Master Kit provides secure and reliable wireless communication
  • Remote access for settings, programming, diagnostics, gate status and error notifications.
  • Standard Battery Backup provides 100 continuous cycles at 100% duty cycle
  • Simple, push button limit setup
  • On-board LCD screen displays voltages, amps, gate status and diagnostics
  • Power Saving technology minimizes current draw while at standby.

Viking R-6 Swing Gate Operator kit includes:

  • 1 complete gate opener (chassis, motor, gears, circuit board, cover)
  • 1 arm
  • 2 batteries 7ah
  • 2 Warning signs
Product Info
Manufacturer's Warranty 5 Year Residential Warranty ~ Not for intended for commercial use - voids warranty
Features Adjustable "on the fly" Speed Control True Seamless Battery Backup Soft-Start & Soft-Stop for Smooth Operation Built-In Surge Protection Built-In Multilayer Lightening Protection Built-In Heater for Extreme Climates Solar Smart Power Saving Standby Technology 3 Layers of Chassis Corrosion Protection Convenient Manual Release & Reset Button Maglock Ready (maglock sold separately) High Efficiency Transformer Selectable 115/230VAC Power Input Convenient J-Box for Quick High Voltage Wiring During Install 3 LEDs to Indicate Power Supply Status Open/Stop/Close Buttons Integrated Into Control Board LED Diagnostic Lights For Ease of Troubleshooting Convenient Diagnostic LCD Display On-Board Multimeter Adjustable Automatic Close Timer Bluetooth Capable Diagnostic Tool (additional accessory required) Bluetooth Capable Master/Slave Setup (additional accessory required) Digital Limits - Fast and Easy to Set (models K2, L3, H10, Q7 only) Removable Modular Power Box (models L3, H10, F1, T21 only) Convenient Loop Detector Rack (models L3, H10, Q7, F1, T21 only) Alternative Post Mount Ready Chassis (models L3, H10 only) Vacation "Lock Mode" (models K2, L3, H10, Q7 only)
Specifications Max Gate Size: 14 ft Max Gate Weight: 700 lbs. Max Cycles: Continuous duty Motor: 24VDC with 1hp Electrical Requirements: 115V or 230V Single Phase Battery: 24 AC/DC Solar Compatible Max Operating Speed: 13-16 Seconds per 90° Battery Backup: 400 Full Continuous Duty Operating Temperature: -20° F to 160° F Warranty: 5 year limited

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