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FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)

FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
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FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
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FAAC B680H-L Barrier Gate (up to 26.2' Openings)
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The NEW FAAC B680H Barrier Gate is FAAC's newest hydraulic barrier gate opener! NOW ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME! 

The FAAC B680H Barrier Gate is designed for over 2,000,000 continuous cycles. The integrated speed/position sensor allows precise movement control and reverses the barrier arm when an obstacle is detected. The counter-balance spring of the B680H has been tested for over 2 million cycles. The hydraulic pump with a brushless motor guarantees the movement of long or short barrier arms at high speeds and continuous use (100%duty cycle).

Any barrier arms for the FAAC B680H that exceed 20 feet long are made by joining two modules up to 26 feet to ease transportation. Once the modules have been assembled, the connection joint is invisible, and optional LED lighting may be fixed to the entire length of the arm.  All the barrier arms are windproof, round, or elliptically profiled and are supplied with rubber protection on the bottom.  The E680 microprocessor control board ensures integration of the B680H with advanced control systems. It has numerous programmable outputs/inputs and two integrated, high-sensitivity Loop Detectors.  The housing is non-load-bearing and may be easily removed, with the body post remaining in place, allowing access from 360 degrees while installing or servicing.  It is available in stainless-steel or colored steel versions. The steel is available in four colors with 100-micron epoxy zinc primer anti-corrosion treatment.  Once the body has been installed, the cover can be easily installed or removed with the bracket and the barrier arm. Get Your FAAC Barrier Gate Opener Today!

Product Info
Manufacturer's Warranty2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
FeaturesSimple, step-by-step mechanical setup Automatic control board setup with just 2 steps Easy to access control board DIN bar already fitted and spaced for further accessories Optional Battery backup Sectional barrier arms Reverse on contact Retrofitable with foundation plate of FAAC 620 and 640 barriers Hybrid technology: Hydraulic + Brushless motor Over 2,000,000 continuous use cycles without special maintenance Removable covers available in 4 colors or stainless steel Programmable opening speed: 1.5 seconds for 7.5 ft barrier arms up to 6 seconds for 27 ft Easy-to-program advanced control unit Integrated encoder (with reverse in the event of obstacle) Two integrated Loop Detectors Master/Slave logic Optional flashing LED traffic lights with anti-vandalism system and LED lights for barrier arm Compatible with 620 and 640 foundation plate
SpecificationsPower supply voltage: 100 to 240 Vac 50 (60) HzMax motor load: 240 WAccessories power supply: 24 VDCMax accessories load: 800 mAProtection fuses: 4 self-resettingPause time: Programmable (from 0 to 4.1 min)Motor power: Programmable on 50 levelsMotor speed: Programmable on 50 levelsTerminal board inputs: Loop 1, Loop 2, Open, Close, Closing Safety, Stop, Emergency, Power Supply. 36VDC, Battery XBAT, BUS 2-EasyConnector inputs: Encoder, Bar release sensor, Integrated flashing light, USB (for updating firmware)Terminal board outputs: Flashing lamp 24V, Brushless motor, Accessories power supply 24 VDC, 4 programmable outputs (one with relay)Electric motor: Brushless 36 VDCAbsorbed power: 240 WAbsorbed current: 1.1 A (at 230 V)Motor rotation speed: 1,000 to 6,000 r.p.m.Pump flow rate: 3,2 l/min (max)Electronic deceleration: Absolute magnetic encoderOperating ambient temperature: -4°F - 131°F (-20°C - +55°C)Weight: 187 lb (143 lb body + 44 lb cover)Type of oil: FAAC HP OILBarrier body treatment: 100 micron epoxy zinc-plating anti-corrosion treatment + paint

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