Regardless of whether you are operating a large-scale or a small-level business, security is key when you want to ensure profitability and success in the long term. Comprehensive business security is essential when you want to ensure less liability and lower insurance costsWhen you are looking for a high-quality gate security system that can cover your needs, investing in the HySecurity range of gate security systems is what you needGate Openers Direct is proud to offer HySecurity’s full line of swing, slide, barrier and lift gate operators.

What Are Gate Openers?

A gate opener refers to an electric device or sensor that enables the gate protecting the entryway to any building or property to be opened using a specific trigger. It can open if a trusted vehicle is in the general vicinity or through other methods as neededAutomatic gate openers are installed to maintain efficiency without compromising on security. Today, most businesses use them to prevent attempts of robbery, break-ins, and other criminal activities on their premises. Most gate openers require a code, identification, or some other type of verification before they open. When you’re looking for the right gate opener for your security needs, you need to ensure that it can help protect your business without costing you a fortune. Fortunately, the HySecurity gate openers do just that.

How Is HySecurity Different?

Any business can have different types or ways of entrances, HySecurity has gates of different models and designs to protect those entrances from unwanted activity. Whether you’re looking for HySecurity Barrier Gates or any other gate opener, you’ll find them available without any hassle. Unlike many other brands of gate openers on today’s marketHySecurity is an American-made product.

HySecurity gate openers are built with high end components that are made to last. This means that these gate openers are built to handle the constant opening and closing that are required at industrial and commercial locations.  Additionally, they are built to handle the elements. Another bonus to HySecurity Gate Openers is their features.  These products are the most technologically advanced on the market and are a breeze to program.

HySecurity also carries a range of gate openers, accessories, and systems to help ensure the safety for your residential, commercial, and industrial requirements. Models currently offered are:

Focusing on Quality and Efficiency

If you’re thinking of getting any regular gate opener from your local technician, here are a few reasons why such a purchase and installation might not work out for you:

• The product is not constructed from good quality materials
• The manufacture doesn’t provide an extensive warranty
• Little to no customer help 
• The gate opener malfunctions easily
• The gate opener is not made to have a long functioning life


In comparison, HySecurity offers comprehensive services that ensure that your business or industrial security requirements are not compromised


You don’t want your employees or suppliers to be waiting for hours at the gate due to a malfunctioning gate opener. When you have HySecurity gate openers, you don’t need to worry about the product’s efficiency or quality.

Affordability and Reliable Service

HySecurity has been working in the security business for over two decades, making them knowledgeable on many aspects, especially about price and installation. You don’t want to spend a fortune on something as simple as a gate opener. However, you also don’t want to purchase an extremely cheap gate opener that can and will have continuing operational issues.


Knowing the requirements of their commercial and industrial clients, HySecurity has a range of products available at different prices that will fit into your budget requirementsGate Openers Direct is knowledgeable of all the nuances of their product line and can help you select the correct model for your needs. Additionally, we are an authorized distributor of HySecurity which means you get the full manufacturer's warranty with your purchase.


Unlike many other retailers and technicians, Gate Openers Direct is here for you. Rather you require a product manual or product guidance, you can rest assured we will provide you with support from any product purchased from us. 


Protecting Assets and Important Data

Whether you have a commercial or industrial business, protecting assets is important for your business reputation and customer safety. A security breach could potentially erase years of trust that you may have built with your clients.


Security breaches can also increase your liabilities, insurance costs, compensation and ultimately affect your business revenue as well. You need a reliable and affordable gate opener that can protect your facility without increasing your operational costs significantly.


Not taking the security of your business seriously enough can have a severe impact on your businesses’ future. This is way gate operators are important.  They allow those with access onto your property and keeps others out.


Trusted By Diverse Industrial Clients

Wheyou decide to get a HySecurity gate opener you don’t have to worry about the reliability or durability of the products. With over 50 years of experience and countless high-end industrial clients, HySecurity is the premier commercial and industrial gate opener.


An automated access control system is essential to ensure that your business premises are secure and safe. Don’t put the safety of your business, assets, information, or employees at risk. Don’t buy faulty or cheap gate openers that will fail to work at critical times. Gate Openers Direct is here to help you avoid those types of costly mistakes. Let’s talk today!