Barrier gate openers, sometimes called "boom gates" or "arm gates",  are sold all over the United States by Gate Openers Direct based in Houston Texas. 
These are some of the Best Barrier Gate Openers produced, and these are devices used to control access to parking lots, driveways, or other restricted areas by raising and lowering a barrier gate or boom. These barrier gate operators are used in commercial and industrial applications and multi-residential applications like apartments or condominiums.
Many Barrier gate openers are designed to provide security, control traffic, and manage access to specific areas. Gate Openers Direct, based in Houston  Texas, only sells professional-grade barrier gate openers. Some of the best quality Barrier Gate Operators have components such as Hydraulic pumps, electric motors, electro-mechanical drives, high-quality electronic control boards that incorporate lightning protection, full systems inputs, loop detectors, and more. 

Features Of Barrier Gates

  1. 1. The barrier gate is a long arm or boom raised and lowered to block a driveway. It can be made of various materials, including aluminum, steel,or PVC.  Depending on the level of security required and environmental conditions some may have very heavy-duty enclosures, locks, internal heaters, or cooling fans.

  2. 2. Motors and Mechanisms: Barrier gate openers can be equipped with electric motors and a mechanism that controls the movement of the gate arm, but the best quality, longest-lasting, and heaviest-duty units use hydraulics pumps, heavy counterweights and springs to offset the weight of the boom.  The motor's power and speed can vary

  3. based on the size and weight of the gate.

  4. 3. Barrier gate openers sold by Gate Openers Direct can be operated by many control methods, including remote controls, keypads, card readers, cellular phone entry 

  5. systems, and more. Brands we use to activate our customer's barrier gate openers include Security Brands, DoorKing, FAAC, and more. Some advanced systems may also 

  6. integrate with access control software for centralized management. Airports, Military facilities, and high-security applications often utilize a building's security system to integrate with those protocols. 

  7. 4. Safety is also critical to the professional barrier gate openers offered by Gate Openers Direct. They often include features such as photocells or infrared sensors to detect obstructions such as vehicles or pedestrians. Some models also have emergency stop buttons, and now many include very attractive LED lighting built into the booms or barrier arms themselves.

  8. 5. Barrier gate openers sold by Gate Openers Direct in Houston are sold and shipped to areas all over the world. They have to be designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions because they are installed in such a wide array of climates. They are often built with weather-resistant materials and coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.

  9. 6. The length of the gate arm (boom) can vary, and the choice of length depends on the specific application and the width of the entrance or driveway it needs to cover.

  10. 7. Barrier gate openers from our company come in different models. DoorKing, HySecurity, FAAC, and other high-quality manufacturers we represent make units with different speeds and duty cycles.  While most all are continuous-duty rated, extremely high-cycle models are suitable for busy entrances. FAAC Model B680H and HySecurity StrongArm Park DC units are some of the most common units we sell for those applications, but DoorKing Model DKS1601 and 1602 make excellent choices also. 

  11. 8. Most barrier gate openers are powered by electricity, but HySecurity now produces some very heavy-duty solar-powered models. Some models also have battery backup systems to ensure operation during power outages, and almost all incorporate some form of manual release mechanism

  12. that allows the gate to be manually raised or lowered.

  13. Barrier Gate Openers Protect Your Property

    In conclusion we are proud to be a premium quality national wholesale distributor and represent manufacturers such as HySecurity (StrongArm, StrongArm ParkDC),

  14. FAAC (B680H-S, B680H-L, 760) and DKS Doorking (DKS1601, DKS1602 and DKS 1603). These are all very high-quality barrier openers and offer a wide range of equipment to cover any barrier gate opener needs!